Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Call to add privacy rights to Japan's constitution

ComuterWorld reports that a senior legislator in Japan is calling for the addition of data privacy rights to the country's constitution:
An influential Japanese politician earlier this month called for the right to information privacy to be added to the country's constitution. The collection, storage, use and transfer of personal information should be banned unless the person consents to the activity or there's a valid legal exception, said Yukio Hatoyama, a member of Japan's House of Representatives and former leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.

People should have the right to know what information about them has been gathered and how it's being used, Hatoyama said in a speech about updating Japan's 1947 constitution.
We need a public discussion about the right to know about one's personal information on this side of the Pacific as well.
[via Privacy Digest]

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